I started my career in England in high end fashion, where I learned everything about customer service from the best in the that business. I dealt with all walks of life, from the local tradesmen to the Royal Family. Everyone was treated the same way.

I then moved into the car business. Working with air cooled Volkswagens and early model Porsches was a passion. I purchased, restored and sold to like-minded people. I also ran a detailing and site maintenance business for big dealerships. This gave me a good insight as to the inner workings of a car dealership.

Like any business, dealerships are there to make money. They have big overheads. We all know there is a stigma attached to car sales, finance and dealerships in general. Moving to the US in 2011 took that experience to another level.

I decided to try car sales and got my first “American” job on the showroom floor at Audi. I had never worked on the showroom floor before moving here, but I know how I like to be treated and have just kept that in mind. Give the people all of the information and then they can make an informed decision.

The big plus for me now is that I have built some great client relationships, and I’m not limited to working with one brand (even though I love Audi!). I can see it through no matter which direction my clients decide to go.