Buying / Leasing / Cash Purchase



Getting in the mindset to look for a new vehicle can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be – all you need is a general idea of what you’re looking for, then contact us to get started:

  • What vehicles are you interested in?
  • What is your price range?
  • Do you have a trade-in?
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We’ll go through your requirements and budget, explore different purchasing scenarios and provide you with a comprehensive picture of the best options for you

  • Purchase vs. lease analysis
  • Vehicle comparisons and research
  • Outline deal structure
  • Money factor, warranties and service plans
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We have access to a large network of dealerships and will do our best to find you exactly what you’re looking for

  • Coordination of client credit application
  • Handle special orders and customizations
  • Ensure availability and hold your vehicle
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This is the part most people find daunting. Not only do we work hard to get you the best deal possible, we’ll make sure you understand how it all works.

  • Conduct price analysis and negotiations
  • Coordinate vehicle financing/leasing
  • Evaluate warranty and service plans
  • Provide assistance with trade-in or lease returns
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Once a deal is agreed, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of the deal and make arrangements to deliver your car to you.

  • Your new car can be delivered to you or our office for pick-up
  • Paperwork ready for you to sign
  • We take the signed paperwork. You get the keys. Done deal!


We are new! Stephen moved to Marin from London 5 years ago and had 4 enjoyable years working for Audi. He has been in the car business since 1985 and recently decided to set up his own business.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with dealerships! Our expertise largely comes from working at a dealerships and we value our relationships with the dealerships we work with.

Surrey Car Company provides a completely different experience for a client vs. going to the dealership yourself. We work for you and are not driven by price or inherent value of a deal. We know the industry really really well, we know how deals are structured, and we bring that expertise to the table on your behalf. Plus, we do all the legwork so you don’t have to.

Related to the vehicle, savings will depend on the vehicle you choose. For example, if a car is not in high demand, typically you will save thousands of dollars off MSRP. It doesn't happen often, but if a car is a new model or is in high demand, there is always the possibility that you will still have to pay over MSRP. There is no magic wand. We will save you more money because we know how.

There are several factors we can work with: interest rates, money factors, trade-in prices – just to name a few. We are confident in our ability to get you a great deal.

When buying or leasing a new car, we get paid by the dealerships we work with. It’s called a broker fee (do you want to know how much?…just ask) Some companies will charge you directly for the service and then ask the dealership for a broker fee as well. We ask for a little and prefer to get you a more aggressive deal. If you have a trade-in, we may earn money on that. The services where we charge a fee are mainly for consignments. We are small. Our overhead is small. Sometimes small is good!

You are buying/leasing the vehicle from a dealership. All of the warranties, special offers, service contracts are from a dealership. We just cut some of the process out for you.

Fill out the inquiry form or give us a call. Tell us where you are in the process and we can chat about it. Our service is for a certain kind of client. If you have phoned every dealership in a 500-mile radius already and are comfortable with (or even enjoy) the car buying process, we are not for you.

If you are not comfortable with the process, don’t have time to deal with it (or just don’t want to), or are even wondering if the “great deal” you were offered is actually a good deal, we can help! Get it touch, and if it sounds good to you, we can move forward.

No! We will work with you to get your new, pre-owned or certified pre-owned vehicle, or help you sell or trade in your old one.

Car dealerships are in the business of selling cars. Because we represent qualified clients, who are ready to do business, and are generally eager to complete a transaction, the dealership sees a relatively easy way to sell a car. Surrey Car Company makes the process easy for both the buying and selling parties. We know what you want and we know what they need. It makes the process highly efficient. And if they treat our clients well, we bring them even more business.